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We discussed how, over the past decade, a key Industry trend has been the consolidation in the corporate services market - yet at the same time this area has remained remarkably under-served by technology.  Our research has shown that a typical financial institution spends around 7%-12% of revenue on technology in contrast to the corporate services market where spend is barely half of this.

Watch again a vibrant discussion between key industry leaders where there was considered debate around the current market situation, the future, and how TrustQuay and Centralis have worked together to develop their client offering.

  • Introduction - Keith Hale introduces TrustQuay and our launch into the Luxembourg market, discussing our new office, new team and new product function.
  • FinTech growth with The LHoFT - Keith Hale and Nasir Zubairi reflect on how Luxembourg FinTech has grown during the lifetime of The LHoFT.
  • Market Perspectives - Thibault Chollet of Deloitte discusses the key changes and drivers in the current Luxembourg market.
  • Customer Discussion - Aidan Foley and Keith Hale discuss how Centralis are leveraging technology in 2021 and beyond.